Special Pin Box

 46,18 ex. VAT


The specialpin.box is a hairpin set for special challenges and hair textures!

The ribbed hairpins provide even better strength due to the surface of the needle.
Whether a classic French twist or attaching hairpieces or the like.
The special.pins make it firmer and more stable!

The specialpin.box consists of 2 sizes and 3 different needles in black, brown and blond.
Hairpins 7,2cm – Black – 60 pcs
Hairpins 7,2cm – Brown – 60 pcs
Hairpins 5,3cm – Black – 80 pcs
Hairpins 5,3cm – Blond – 80 pcs
Hairpins 5,3cm – Brown – 80 pcs

Only 5 left in store!

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