Curve-O team

Ludovic Beckers, Founder & Art-Director Curve-O

Eyes to the future, windows to the world: from the Flemish part of Belgium, Ludovic Beckers took off to absorb all cultures and styles of the globe like a sponge. An international career as hairdressing educator took him from New York to Bangkok, from Berlin to Rome, from Geneva to Buenos Aires.

His interactive shows are guaranteed to inspire the crowd and meanwhile, over 100 awards are under his belt. Ludovic has also created collections for Redken International and Curve-O.

Now he has come home, with the Curve-O Advanced Cutting Comb as the cornerstone of his extensive work.

Luc Clerx, Founder & Director Curve-O

All fine things stem from passion. Passion for science, for the arts, for whatever. Luc Clerx is determined to lift the craft of hairdressing to a higher level out of passion for ‘The Detail’. Sometimes it’s incredibly elusive; sometimes it’s right there for the taking, but always fascinating. The detail in all its simple, yet so ‘generous perfection’, is combined with discipline, with respect for the old masters and materials.

‘Humility as a well from which creativity in its purest form can spring’, as he calls it. “In the end, it’s not about me, but about creating an enticing story, together with passionate people who, each in their own field and inspiration, are able to work across and beyond borders and boundaries.”

John Petitjean, Marketing director Curve-O

As a dedicated person and a friend of many years, John Petitjean was attracted to lead the Curve-O team in marketing. He has more than 20 years of experience in the business and his marketing agency Doublegum is located in the center of Sint-Truiden, birthplace of Curve-O.
His love for the profession and his strong belief in the Curve-O products ensure the brand’s worldwide reputation. Eager and passionated as John is, he wants to lift Curve-O to unprecendented heights. It is his calling to make Curve-O known worldwide.

With John, Curve-O will start a completely new story in 2018 and for the first time untrodden paths will be followed: the product range expanded, business processes are optimized and new markets will be conquered far beyond the Belgian borders.